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The GoxBox (luggable comms box)

Parts List

  • Xiegu G90 (160-10 all mode)
  • Retevis RT73 (FM/DMR 20w UHF/VHF w/GPS & APRS)
  • 4x USB A (2.4a ea)
  • 1x USB C PD (power delivery for charging laptops)
  • 1x 12v Accy Port (Cigg Lighter)
  • 2x Andersons Powerpole (Bi-Directional)
  • 12aH 13.8v LiFePo4 Battery w/ Built-in BMS
  • 13.8v 30A Power Supply
  • Inline Power meter (voltage & current)


The box can run off of an external 12v supply, internal battery or AC power. Automated switching between AC power and battery is included. All parts are individually fused & switched. Antenna/CAT Control/Audio cables are in the small green camo bag that lives inside the box. Additionally, I can bring an EdFong Roll-Up Jpole antenna if needed. HF antenna is a homebrew'ed 80-10 EFHW. Looking to add a 300w inverter soon but I haven't made up my mind yet, might just run that externally.

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