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About Me

  • IT & Public Safety Communications
  • Pro Idiot Since 03'
  • GROL (w/Radar): PG00071907 | GMRS: WRQV648
  • Upgraded to General Class @ 5:45PM (PST) 10/29/2022
  • Muh Liked Music

Feel free to send QSL cards direct for any mode, I'll return one to you!

The FCC hasn't enforced call regions since 1978 so quit yappin.

Catch me on the air

Rpt. Call Location Freqency Mode
KR6WP Belmont, CA 440.057 FM
K7CBL San Mateo, CA 440.05 FM & P25
N6MPX San Mateo, CA 147.3 FM
W6VVR Vacaville, CA 145.47 FM
  • HF Bands:
Band Mode
80M-10M SSB & FT8
7.199 eSSB
80M-40M AM
160M FT8
80M-10M ALE
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